The Place To Go May Be Right Ahead

Everybody wants to say something sometimes.  I mean…………….we mostly enjoy the ability to communicate – that means we have something to say about this world around us.  It might be critical or it might be supportive (or suggestive) or it might just be words thrown together that seem to want to be with each other.

Like…….Profiling.  Have you been unfairly judged before in your lifetime?  Is it any different than intentional abuse or an attempt to intimidate?

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The Next Big Thing?

With all of the concern about fresh water supply – why is it we don’t think twice about buying a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi and slowly taking in sugar and flavoring and preservatives surrounded by it?

Couldn’t they just market a vial of the syrup and a pressure introduction device that would produce the same thing at home?

Less money to transport it.  Less demand for fresh water from afar.  More responsibility for the containers is given to the individual.  No returnables at the store to contend with.   And the big makers still get to sell their sugar with all of the brand appeal.  Win-Win-Win

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