July 18th – Justin Amash MoneyBomb – Restoring The American Dream

What Does It Mean To Have A Dream and Believe in America?

Can we honestly say that the system needs to be completely reworked and that we need to start all over again from the beginning?  Our Values are not worth building upon?  Maybe the way things are just need to be better communicated or re-inserted back into the public education system.  Maybe ‘change‘ for the sake of change is not the right answer.  Do we sit silently while millions of $$ Dollars go toward negative campaigning and not toward economic growth, rebuilding infrastructure and other job producing efforts?

Justin Amash and Tom Urich
Rep.  Justin Amash and Tom Urich meet in Lowell, Michigan

Is it not the right of every American to be able to hold personal values high and to preserve precious opinions without having to be compared or cast as a violent enemy terrorist by a whimpering competitor?  What makes it even harder to understand is that an established media can now be ‘purchased’ and once fair and honest news sources will paint, print and promote one side of an issue with the intention of wreaking absurd nonsense upon common sense thought.  Follow the money……………Yes…..It takes money.

On July 18, 2014, we are hosting a moneybomb. We have one chance to keep Justin Amash in office, and continue filling Congressional seats with people who will uphold their oath to the Constitution. By donating whatever we can to help his campaign, we will show the establishment just how strong the desire for liberty is.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/710011762367977/

MoneyBomb Webpage: http://justinamashmoneybomb.com/

“But let it not be said we did nothing.” – Ron Paul

Support Common Sense and the Restoration of the American Dream 

Come On America.  You don’t have to sit quietly and take this nonsense.



The Place To Go May Be Right Ahead

Everybody wants to say something sometimes.  I mean…………….we mostly enjoy the ability to communicate – that means we have something to say about this world around us.  It might be critical or it might be supportive (or suggestive) or it might just be words thrown together that seem to want to be with each other.

Like…….Profiling.  Have you been unfairly judged before in your lifetime?  Is it any different than intentional abuse or an attempt to intimidate?

There are more thoughts to explore and the largest body of

material you will find here:


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The Next Big Thing?

With all of the concern about fresh water supply – why is it we don’t think twice about buying a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi and slowly taking in sugar and flavoring and preservatives surrounded by it?

Couldn’t they just market a vial of the syrup and a pressure introduction device that would produce the same thing at home?

Less money to transport it.  Less demand for fresh water from afar.  More responsibility for the containers is given to the individual.  No returnables at the store to contend with.   And the big makers still get to sell their sugar with all of the brand appeal.  Win-Win-Win

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