Non-Normative Legislation – Or – Who Stole My Cheerios!

It started out as a good idea.  Then they tried to make a new issue by creating a “need” for more legislation to control civilian behavior.   It actually is an example of how the left wants to control and/or limit your freedom and liberty in order to live a good life.

barf scale
barf scale

The Duke University Law School supports an internet portal for legal professionals to make referencing a case easier and to assist in building an argument.  There is even a new kind of class litigation termed “non-normative” that allows far-reaching speculation to grab traction as an accepted legal argument in an otherwise empty fish bowl.


Author: tomurich

A Recovering Musician and now an Anti-SJW with leanings toward Libertarianism - but more accurately a Constitutional Conservative who flies a Republican banner because there are no other options. The DemoBrat Party is disgusting, IMHO. Among other things...........Tom has developed successful branding events both in Michigan and abroad in Europe. Tom has been actively involved in the Liberty Movement with Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul. Let's work together to keep it going!

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