20 Things I Wish Vaccine Junkies Would Admit

I’d Like to Commend Levi Quackenboss and i present his Blog and commentary on this vaccination issue. Like Levi – I particularly enjoy putting the Boss in Quack.

Levi Quackenboss


  1. Not all of the diseases we vaccinate children for are serious or appropriate.  Many of them are a matter of inconvenience and some are for manufactured epidemics: Hep B, HPV, chickenpox, flu.  This isn’t to minimize the rare adult or child death from chickenpox but that number is 1/40th of the deaths from vaccine-induced SIDS.
  2. Immunity from vaccines doesn’t last forever. Most adults would be considered “unvaccinated” today for everything but the viral diseases they naturally acquired. Even if you buy into the theory of herd immunity, most of our herd is not immune.
  3. True herd immunity is based on animals that naturally acquired viral disease.  Oftentimes immunity comes from eating the herd members that died from the disease or putting their diarrhea into feed. Farmers know that herd immunity isn’t based on vaccination.
  4. You are not really vaccinating your newborn child for…

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Have you ever heard of a Blog-Switch?

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