The Place To Go May Be Right Ahead

Everybody wants to say something sometimes.  I mean…………….we mostly enjoy the ability to communicate – that means we have something to say about this world around us.  It might be critical or it might be supportive (or suggestive) or it might just be words thrown together that seem to want to be with each other.

Like…….Profiling.  Have you been unfairly judged before in your lifetime?  Is it any different than intentional abuse or an attempt to intimidate?

There are more thoughts to explore and the largest body of

material you will find here:


Clicking the music will link you to the TuneUp Promtions Blog


Author: tomurich

A Recovering Musician and now an Anti-SJW with leanings toward Libertarianism - but more accurately a Constitutional Conservative who flies a Republican banner because there are no other options. The DemoBrat Party is disgusting, IMHO. Among other things...........Tom has developed successful branding events both in Michigan and abroad in Europe. Tom has been actively involved in the Liberty Movement with Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul. Let's work together to keep it going!

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